Retaliation For Taking Medical Leave

Taking medical leave (when appropriately taken) should not be frowned upon. In fact, if your employer retaliates against you for taking medical leave — or after taking medical leave — you may be entitled to certain legal remedies. At The Law Office of Omid Nosrati, we can help explain the law and your rights in your situation.

Located in Los Angeles, we work with clients throughout Southern California who face issues with their employers. The benefit in working with our firm is that we truly care about each client in every case we handle and offer compassionate legal representation. We are strong advocates for employers in employment law or retaliation cases. Communication is important to our team and we work diligently to provide you with the information you need.

Medical Leave, FMLA Leave And Other Forms Of Leave

Taking medical leave under approved circumstances is your right. If you are subsequently fired (or demoted) after taking medical leave, you may have a claim for retaliation or wrongful termination. An experienced employment lawyer can help review your situation and determine the best legal strategy to pursue.

Attorney Omid Nosrati has significant experience handling both retaliation and wrongful termination claims. We employ various investigative techniques along with legal strategies that have helped our previous clients and could help you as well.

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