Why Was I Terminated?

If you have been wrongfully terminated at your place of employment, you are not alone. Many people in California face the stresses and strains of wrongful terminations. There are many different reasons why individuals may be wrongfully terminated in California, and if you have questions about your situation the next step to take is to get legal counsel.

The Law Office of Omid Nosrati represents people throughout Southern California in employment law claims involving wrongful termination, discrimination, retaliation and more. We are results-driven and focus on personalized client service. You can feel comfortable asking questions and speaking openly about your situation.

Common Reasons For Wrongful Termination

It is important to remember that not all situations that have resulted in termination are considered illegal. If the situation involves a violation of California public policy, then the employee may have a meritorious claim. Some common examples of wrongful termination we often see include:

  • Termination for reporting sexual harassment
  • Termination for reporting discrimination
  • Termination for reporting fraud or illegal activity
  • Termination for taking medical leave
  • Termination for using FMLA

Speaking to a lawyer about your situation as soon as possible can be critical. Omid Nosrati has significant experience working with employees across California. He and his team take a hands-on approach to working with clients, regardless of the level of complexity of the situation. Learn more about wrongful termination by visiting our FAQ page.

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