Wrongful Termination Cases For Various Types Of Employees

Any person can be a victim of wrongful termination. If you have questions about your situation and need advocacy from an experienced lawyer, the next step to take is to talk with an attorney at The Law Office of Omid Nosrati about your options. We represent all types of employees in wrongful termination claims throughout Southern California.

Our team takes a hands-on approach to working with clients. Personalized legal representation is a priority for us. You can expect to get direct responses from your attorney about your questions and updates about your case.

Handling Your Case With Efficiency

Attorney Omid Nosrati understands that every person faces unique challenges. He has experience working with clients in various industries throughout Los Angeles, including:

  • Individuals working in manual labor positions
  • Custodial staff
  • Retail and sales associates
  • Servers/waiters
  • Health care workers
  • Warehouse workers

When you work with our firm, we ask a number of questions to understand your situation so we can make a recommendation regarding the strategy to pursue. We strive to reach effective and efficient results.

Schedule A Free Initial Consultation

Please contact us at (310) 553-5630 or online through email to book your first meeting with us. Your first meeting will be held directly with California attorney Omid Nosrati. You can speak openly about the legal issues you face. Flexible appointments available by request.