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Even if your employment is "at-will," you still have the right to be free from wrongful termination that violates public policy. This includes termination based on race, gender, disability, sexual orientation, pregnancy, age and other protected categories. In addition, you cannot be terminated for refusing to engage in fraudulent business practices or for requesting timely payment of your wages. If you have been terminated from your job for any of these situations, it is important to speak with an attorney to help you understand your legal rights.

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For more than a decade, attorney Omid Nosrati has vigorously defended the rights of employees who have been wrongfully terminated. When an employee has been wrongfully terminated, the damages inflicted upon the employee are immediate, profound and long-lasting, both financially and emotionally.

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Our firm works closely with our clients to help hold the employer accountable for the damages they have had to suffer. These damages can include loss of income and emotional distress that was caused by the wrongful termination. In addition to the categories listed above, we represent employees in matters related to wrongful termination matters, including:

Employees who have been wrongfully terminated will often be dealing with a large, corporate defendant with resources to fight against these claims, even if your claims have merit. It is important to have experienced legal counsel so you won't have to fight alone.

Our law firm, having successfully represented many clients in wrongful termination claims, understands that pretrial investigation is of critical importance. We take a meticulous, strategic approach, working diligently to uncover evidence of your employer's wrongdoing. Whether your case is ultimately resolved in negotiations or in the courtroom, we will be at your side every step of the way.

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