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What protection does California law provide to whistleblowers?

When most employees report for the start of the workday they want nothing more than to spend their shift performing their assigned duties to the best of their abilities, a feat made possible in large part by their employer. Indeed, employee success ultimately hinges on an employer's willingness to provide the necessary resources, support structure and viable working conditions.   

Injured Police Recruits Entitled To Reasonable Accommodation Under FEHA

It is well settled that permanent public employees in the state of California are entitled to certain benefits under California's Fair Employment and Housing Act. But what about when an employer discontinues a reasonable accommodation that was offered in the past? A case recently decided by the Court of Appeal provides some guidance on the matter.

What California employees need to know about the 'one day's rest in seven' rule

There are certain wage-and-hour laws with which almost all California employees are undoubtedly familiar regardless of their occupation or their total annual earnings. For instance, most are probably well aware of the new minimum wage ($10.50 per hour for employees of large businesses and $10.00 per hour for employees of small businesses), and that they are legally entitled to rest periods and/or meal breaks depending upon the number of hours they work in a given shift.

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