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California Supreme Court clarifies scope of 'day of rest' law

In a previous post, we discussed how the state's "day of rest" law, which dates back to 1919 and has long been the subject of considerable uncertainty, was at the epicenter of a highly anticipated case -- Mendoza v. Nordstrom -- before the California Supreme Court.

Can payroll company be sued for wage and hour violations?

If a worker in the state of California thinks that he or she has not received all that is owed for work completed, the first party they likely think to go after is their employer. A joint employer may be another potential defendant. But could another party be liable as well? That is the question that the California Supreme Court recently indicated it will take up.

A closer look at your rights regarding meal breaks

Whether they realize it or not, most people have workday practices that are more like rituals in that the day somehow feels empty without them. For some, this might be getting a cup of coffee first thing in the morning, while for others it might be meeting with co-workers for a midday walk. For still others, it might be lunchtime, which provides a welcome opportunity to contemplate matters outside of their job-related duties.

What California employees need to know about the 'one day's rest in seven' rule

There are certain wage-and-hour laws with which almost all California employees are undoubtedly familiar regardless of their occupation or their total annual earnings. For instance, most are probably well aware of the new minimum wage ($10.50 per hour for employees of large businesses and $10.00 per hour for employees of small businesses), and that they are legally entitled to rest periods and/or meal breaks depending upon the number of hours they work in a given shift.

DOL urging retail workers to watch for wage violations during holidays

With the holiday season in full swing -- and the Christmas holiday just one week away -- it's safe to assume that both traditional brick and mortar establishments and online retailers will be enjoying solids sales, particularly from last-minute shoppers. Indeed, many businesses will undoubtedly be offering special sales in the days ahead in an attempt to clear the shelves of merchandise and further increase profit margins.

Change to California wage and hour law coming in 2017

Like its Federal counterpart, California law protects workers in the State of California to ensure that certain non-exempt employees who work more than 40 hours a week are fairly compensated for overtime hours. However, the legal requirements under Federal law and California law regarding overtime can be slightly different. In addition, beginning in 2017, new changes to wage and hour laws will go into effect. It is important that not only employers but employees are aware of these changes.

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