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Los Angeles Workplace Discrimination Lawyer

Discrimination in the workplace is something California lawmakers don’t tolerate. Any form of discrimination based on a protected class is against the law, and punishable by fines, citations, and other penalties. As an employee in Los Angeles, you have the right to take action against discrimination at work. When it’s time to go up against your employer for discriminating against you because of disability, national origin, age, race, religion, sex, or other class, come to The Law Office of Omid Nosrati for legal assistance.

Our law firm has more than 20 years of combined experience handling employment law cases throughout Southern California. We exclusively represent employees, not employers – committing all of our attention and resources to workers in need of our legal expertise. Our team is compassionate about the hardships workers face, including unlawful discrimination and harassment. Get to know our dedicated attorneys. We are here to help you understand the legal actions available to you in Los Angeles after an incident of workplace discrimination.

What Qualifies as Workplace Discrimination?

The first step in taking action against workplace discrimination is recognizing it. There are certain actions, situations, behaviors, and conduct that should be red flags for discrimination. Learning how to identify discrimination and take swift action is an important skill for any employee to possess. By definition, “discrimination” refers to any form of different treatment of one person than his/her peers because of a protected class. Common examples of workplace discrimination include:

  • Choosing one job applicant over another qualified one because of a protected class.
  • Excluding certain people during recruitment.
  • Denying certain employees raises, promotions, or other benefits.
  • Paying two employees with equal qualifications different salaries.
  • Discriminating when assigning medical leave, disability leave, or retirement plans.
  • Discriminating when it comes to assigning promotions or laying employees off.
  • Refusing to provide reasonable accommodations for employees with disabilities.
  • Refusing to hire or promote a person because of his/her religion, nationality, or sexuality.
  • Imposing stricter rules on someone because of a protected class.
  • Excluding someone from workplace meetings and opportunities.

If you have experienced any adverse employment action at work that appears to arise out of discrimination but are not sure what to do,  talking to an employment lawyer can help. The sooner you speak to a legal representative about possible discrimination at work, the better. Prompt action can help limit your damages, such as the amount of money you lose because of a demotion or job termination. It also ensures you meet all the deadlines for filing a discrimination claim against your employer if it becomes necessary. The attorneys at The Law Office of Omid Nosrati are always available to discuss a potential claim with you in Los Angeles.

Trusted LA Workplace Discrimination Attorneys

In our years of providing employment law services to people in Southern California, we’ve received numerous positive reviews from past clients. In fact, our firm has a perfect five out of five client rating on national lawyer rating sites such as Avvo and Let our reputation for excellence work in your favor. Retain our firm for any type of workplace discrimination claim, as well as retaliation for reporting discrimination and harassment. We can connect you with the resources, tools, and legal actions suitable for recovering your damages. Talk to our Los Angeles employment lawyers at (310) 553-5630 or through our online portal.